Family Zone

Children may just be the most ancient souls on this planet, and their wisdom teaches those who listen, everyday. We feel that we must endeavour to spread this understanding, welcoming children for their laughter, freedom and wisdom.

At Orin-Aya, we want to create not only a space where children are free to be themselves out of harm's way, but that recognizes their significance in our lives and in the future of this planet. Therefore, we will not only be providing families with a children's area that welcomes the whole family, but we will also be providing workshops that offer the opportunity for skill development in areas of learning that fit with the vision of love and Orin-Aya. 

Vanessa was in charge of the family space last year and it was hugely successful. There was a great number of activities on offer and the love and intentions that went into every action radiated with a vision of harmony and love. The children were even invited to partake in the opening ceremony with the aboriginal community, recognising their sacredness and fusing the ancient with the new in such a special way. This year we have the utter honour of welcoming back this wonderful woman and her beautiful family to recreate an environment of love, magic and harmony with all the little angels we will blessed with.