Adam & Carmela King

We are a couple passionate about healing through connection to self and through our union, who have realised a harmonised and powerful flow in holding space and sharing our work together. In our marriage, we share a very deep, loving, balanced and grounded connection and we believe this is the energy is generated throughout the circles we hold. Balancing and honouring both the masculine and feminine in all aspects of creation and everyday life allow us to provide this offering with depth and authenticity. After years of being in circles, working with concious relating, tantra and men's circles, Adam has developed a growing passion to work on the way we relate, to ourselves and to others, from healing ourselves, our families and the places where we are coming from, we can then evolve into healthier relationships and be the light in our potential for ourselves, our union's and our children. This is the foundation of Adams work. Carmelas foundations of facilitating transformative embodiment practices for the past 6 years through yoga, dance, meditation and womens work, allows her move intuitively and integrally throughout the spaces she holds. With years of study in the Vedic wisdom sciences, she is passionate about bringing these teachings to others, working 1 on 1 with people to integrate these practices into their lifestyle. Together we hold men and womens circles, yoga/ embodiment and sound journeys, and concious relating circles in several workshop spaces, festivals and retreats. Holding space and supporting others on their path as always been a true gift. We have been honoured to have offered workshops, circles and yoga at Festivals across Australia over the years such as Rainbow Serpent,Earth Frequency, Strawberry Fields, Tanglewood, Elements, Dragon Dreaming and global Festivals such as Modem Festival and performance at Bali Spirit Festival.