Visual Arts

Ruby Loof is a Melboure-based visual artist who specialises in acrylic painting, murals, design and festival stage building and painting. She expresses her bright interpretations of the world intuitively into her art practice in an abstract and illustrative way. However, the interconnectedness of humans and nature brings the inhabitants of Ruby’s art world together. Aside from her passion in self-development, her artistic representations strongly arise from her enchanted childhood amongst the terrains of karri forests and untouched beaches of Margaret River, Western Australia where she grew up. You’ll find her either in the studio always trying to stick random recycled objects to her pieces, designing a commission or outside painting large scale murals and stages around Australia.

Ruby’s intention is to make the world a brighter place literally and figurately. She focuses on enlightening her audience to be truthful and free in the inner world, so that greater compassion and kindness is projected into the outer world. She desires for her artwork to awaken creative juices inside, challenge courageous action, surrender to the flow state and become mindful of one’s intuition, the way other art has inspired and excited her to do so.

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