Home Rules

Please respect yourself, Others and Mother Land

 As we are coming together to share an experience, there are few rules that we ask you to follow to make sure that everybody have a safe, peaceful and memorable journey:

  • Take home your trash and please clean your camp site from bits and pieces before you go
  • No loud music in the campsite, your neighbour might want to rest
  • Respect local people in the area and be friendly as they let us host the event
  • Be aware there are kids around, please be caring about them, they are the most ancient souls
  • Drive very slowly and safely on site, on the way to the festival and on the way out and watch out for wild-life
  • Everybody must were wrist bands at all time
  • Respect others, they will respect you. Anti-Social behaviour will be not accepted  
  • Do not sneak in, and don’t let people sneak in in your car, you will be not allowed in and no ticket refund. We need your contribute to make this magic happens
  • Glass is not allowed in the market area and dancefloor as it is hazard in many ways. Everybody should be safe to walk or dance barefoot


A warm thank to all of you in advance to participate and respect this few little very simple rules! <3 Bless <3



  • Bring your water bottle to refill from the tap or straight from the waterfall
  • Bring cutlery from home, use it wash it and use it again! Make less plastic rubbish
  • Buy good long lasting camping gear so you can keep it for the next festival and don’t dump it on site
  • Your cigarette butt don’t check in on the ground! Put it in the bin or personal ashtray
  • Fill your car with friends, the less car driving the less carbon emission  
  • If you want to use  body soap don’t go into the creek! Shower are there for you.
  • Bring your rubbish home and recycle it