From the furtherest depths of the unfathomably infinite universe lay uncountable and endless amounts of masses, all possessing a unique kind of energetic attraction between one another, from their birthing fusion to their dimming fade.

Awebit has an attitude of using methods for puzzle-piecing certain textures and dynamics of audio to enshroud the senses in state of blissfully uplifting vibes, from big system dance floors to your simple earphone – intended to bring the listener to a state of enthused grooves and energetic dance.

Residing in Cairns, Australia, Awebit’s enigmatic ambitions have sparked and since continue to fluster and expand profusely.

Having supported a wide plethora of reputable artists upon the likes of Boris Brejcha, Ann Clue, Grouch, Tom Cosm, Knobs, Mihai Popoviciu to name a few, and currently a member in the project called “DEPTH.”, he plans to mould the endeavour for future prospects of pleasurable sound.

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