Psy Trance, Techno

Since she first heard the seductive pulse of kick and bass emanating from a pair of speakers that was it, her future was written in the MIDI and her trajectory mapped to a pair of CDJs and a DAW.

Growing up in the lush tropics of Cairns, she discovered her sound, started DJing at parties, and in 2012 followed the sound, inevitably, to Melbourne, leaving the rainforest for the concrete jungle.

She immediately started studying music production and began networking, immersing herself in the culture, DJing at clubs, festivals and all kinds of parties around Australia and abroad, constantly honing her skills and eventually becoming a recognised, weaponised individual.

Her sound can be described as a distinctive blend of slick, heavy, stripped back, style bending trance that twists and pulls you into shifting vacuum pockets of driving slipstream rhythms.

IWAVVA is one serious contender, and without any doubt a force to be reckoned with.

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