A product of Australia’s underground dance music culture, Jedidiah represents a sound unique to Australian dance floors. Defined by a signature convergence of minimal and psychedelic genres, his productions and performances speak volumes to the refined microcosm of talent for which Australia is recognised. Having performed alongside some of the scene’s leading producers and artists, Jed’s career is characterized by an endless source of inspiration. A leading promoter of “bushtechno” on the global stage, Jedidiah’s contribution is best encapsulated by his commitment to his own platform, SixthSense Australia.

Jedidiah’s ‘22 tour has seen him perform and headline at institutional venues and festivals across Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia, including Fusion Festival (GER), Groove & Bass Festival (CAN), Elements Festival (AUS), Moon Festival (ISR), Berlin’s Sisyphos and Tel Aviv’s Gagarin nightclubs. With more festival and club performances lined up in Australia and Europe in 2023.

With mainstay releases on labels like Techgnosis Records, Stone Seed, Alpaka Muzik and Recovery Collective (to name a few) the SixthSense Australia founder represents the heart of Australian festival sound.

✦ Festivals Played ✦

✧ Fusion Festival 2022, Tanzwüste stage (GER)
✧ Esoteric Festival 2020, 2022, 2023
✧ Moon Festival 2022 (ISR)
✧ Groove & Bass Festival 2022(CAN)
✧ Maskwa (CAN)
✧ Bohemian Beatfreaks Festival 2022 (QLD)
✧ Interstellar Groove 2022
✧ Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival 2021
✧ Elements Festival 2020 & 2021
✧ Elysium Gathering 2019
✧ Wild Horses Festival 2019, 2022 & 2023
✧ Babylon Festival 2019
✧ Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019
✧ Zenith Gathering 2023

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