Middle Peace


Psy Trance

For many years the Middle East has been at war, divided and in conflict. Yet it is home to thriving cultures and languages that are both ancient and rich with the tapestry of history, colour, ethnicity, and belief. Across the seas and over great swathes of land two unlikely individuals, would fatefully meet on stranger shores. Rafael Asulin and Nawaf Alalawi, an Israeli met in 2014 at Earth Frequency Festival. Their encounter was nothing short of humorous and contemplative. The two would spend hours talking about how similar their Israeli and Arabic cultures were, let alone the similarities in their Semitic language. Soon after Rafael had extended an invitation to Nawaf to help create Orin Aya festival. From there on a life long friendship was cemented. Fast forward a few more encounters, these two had contemplated what a dj set between the two would look like, as every time they were in the same space, the energy and momentum was undeniable and be infectious to those around them. Finally this project came to light, and the two graced the stage together to play their first psy trance set. It was nothing short of full power. Rafael and Nawaf both respective Dj’s in their own right bring the best of their skill and culture to collaborate on this project. They have realised that the power of unity they share, and the momentum they bring with their music is boundless. They are here to represent the best of both cultures, after all the two are indistinguishable. They represent the middle ground, the space where peace can exist, Middle Peace.

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