Player One


The Brazilian / Isreali based X7M Records* Rep for Australia, Player One is the DJ Project of Dwayne Banham from Far North Queensland, Australia. This project has been active for close to 19 years & has been relentlessly & consistently rocking floors both nationally & abroad.

This project has refined & matured over the years , with countless performances , Player One* has built a solid following and respect for the diverseness of his craft, and his ability to move a dancefloor.

Still as enthused as ever , & a sound that evolves with each stage of evolution , if you are a true music enthusiast , you will feel right at home on a player one dancefloor.

Dwayne has performed this project at events like ` Rainbow Serpent Festival _ Earth Frequency _ Maitreya – Tribeadelic – Total Solar Eclipse _ Esoteric _ Tree Of Life _ a few Israeli tours & countless Aussie gatherings & festivals.

As one of the most active and boundary pushing underground dj’s in the country , aiming to move forward and expand the experience . This veteran of audio navigation boasts a technical skillset backed with a vast catalogue of sound design.

A genuine love for what he does , is at the top of his game & taking things to the next level in 2021 . Is an exciting time for this project.

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