Bent Intent & Quinkan are the two electronic projects from Pete Blay, hailing from the Walsh River, Australia.

For over 25 years Pete has been performing & promoting events Australia wide – forming Inner Stage Productions with Drew Davidson (Sun Control Species) in the late nineties, later working with the Freeform Collective to create the infamous Winter Solstice Festivals in Far North Queensland. He is currently working on bringing Homebass events to North QLD in a collaboration with Irukandji Collective & Whomp Music.

Pete’s live project – ‘Bent Intent’ – combines open soundscapes, sneaky rhythms, acoustic elements & evolving synthesis. Bent Intent follows the ‘less is more approach’, revelling in the spaces in between – to create an original and distinct fusion of chilled and world beats, with smatterings of dub, downbeat & triphop.

Bent Intent DJ sets drop into the next gear – expect slabs of midtempo bass, world music, dub & wobble tailored for the dancefloor, and his side project ‘Quinkan’ is quickly gaining a reputation for straight up, elongated, no frills bush techno. A turntablist from day one, his performances fuse analog with digital, utilising a Phase & Serato setup alongside vinyl.

Pete has perfomed at festivals including Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Cairns Eclipse 2012, Dragon Dreaming, Maitreya, Freakreation, Cairns Winter Solstice, NYX, Rootbound, Bushweek, Collaborations & Coalescence.

Check out Bent Intent’s releases on REGEN Records, Biosine Records, Kool Bario and Hunab Ku Creations – appearing alongside acts such as Spoonbill, Kayla Scintilla, Hibernation, Bumble, Sensient, and One Tasty Morsel.

Noises in a row, unevenly spaced…

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