Psy Trance

Scionaugh – //Psy-oh-nor// : “To Know Nothing”

A project borne of curiosity and sonic exploration, Scionaugh brings together a perfect balance of alien, instrumental and organic sounds that are equal parts groovy, driving and playful, the sonic sorcery of Scionaugh provides a dancefloor experience like no other.

Characterised by remarkably intelligent production, Scionaugh’s unique flavour of psychedelic dance music evades capture by a particular genre, with his sets exploring elements of Progressive, Psytech, Bush Prog and Bush Techno.

The notorious mad scientist of Australian bush prog is renowned for his knowledge of sound theory and mathematics, something immediately evident in the clean complexity of his production. This knowledge has also formed the foundation of his Sound Science YouTube channel, through which he teaches sound design, waveform theory, and audio production.

Throughout his career as a producer, Scionagh has enchanted dancefloors across major festivals including Earth Frequency, Esoteric, Elements, Bohemian Beatfreaks, Twisted Frequency NZ, Elysium, Groove and Bass CAN, and Wild Horses. Along these adventures, he has performed alongside scene heavyweights including Grouch, Electrypnose, Twisted Sibling, Pspiralife, Ryanosaurus, Sumiruna, Smilk, and Sensient.

As well as these live performances, the Scionaugh project has released music on Universal Tribe Records AUS, Alpaka Muzik CAN, Weapon Records AUS, Technophobia Records ISR, Padang Records BRA , Sentimony Records LV, Visionary Shamanic Records UK, Jaira Records AUS, Mindscape ESP , Dense Nebula ZA, Tranquil Sounds AUS and Khao Records AUS. This extensive discography is a journey through the development of the Scionaugh sound, showcasing the depth and breadth of his curiosity and experimentation over the years.

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