Downtempo, Psy Trance, Techno, World

These are the DJ exploits from The Fresh Prince of Bahrain. 16 years in the game, slinging bass bombs, waging war on the dance floor, tirelessly performing around the east coast of Australia’s Festival circuit and sometimes the world.

Featured here are Shantaram and Tauren, two separate musical projects clearly suffering from an identity crisis. On one hand, Shantaram exhibits Middle Eastern tendencies to drop Dub laden grooves, ethnic strings, neurotic bass, and a whole lot of drums. Whereas Tauren suffers from a case of pulsating rhythms, darker shades of techno with a blend of trance and psychedelia.

Occasionally the voice of most Australian Bush Doofs, The Waffletron is a wordsmith who comedically, theatrically, and passionately delivers speeches at opening and closing ceremonies of festivals for the last ten years.

Enjoy the genre mash and unpredictability of his sound.

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