Music for me is an expression of your heart and soul. It’s never been about money or becoming famous, it’s always just been about having fun and teaching.

As I flow through life, my depths of learning and feeling beats grow.

As I begin to learn how to speed up, and slow down time…

My music is a gift from me to you from both the ethereal and spiritual realms of the infinite abundance of knowledge available within the forever expanding universe.

I got in to music when I was young, before I was born I bared witness to dancefloors; while still in the womb, I learnt to sleep to the frequencies of all tunes. As there is no such thing as bad music. Just music that isn’t your flavour in that frame of time. I was forced to listen to 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and all through my teenage years every night, there were parties with buskers, singers, drummers, and guitarists on beer and wine. At the time it felt like poison to my ears while trying to sleep, little did I know it would ingrain itself within my mind and teach me to love every sound I hear. Now I try to conglomerate all of what I have heard through my years and rearrange it like a jigsaw puzzle of sound in my own way with messages to help guide you through your life, and to help guide me through myn.

I told you I would be back…

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