Tsuyoshi Suzuki


Psy Trance

Main Stage

Tsuyoshi Suzuki is an internationally-acclaimed DJ and producer from Tokyo. At the leading edge of the psychedelic trance movement for a quarter of a century, Tsuyoshi continues to thrill crowds all over the world with his uniquely focused style of mixing and psychedelic music selection.

Tsuyoshi moved to London in 1992 to found Matsuri Productions with marketing manager John Perloff and to expand his work as a DJ. Producing popular releases on his record label while DJ’ing at the popular Return To The Source events in London, Tsuyoshi gained international popularity and was soon travelling across the globe, bringing his precisely-crafted energizing style of music to outdoor and indoor parties and festivals on every continent.

Tsuyoshi’s influence extended into inspiring a collection of psychedelic clothing for the legendary Issey Miyake brand, designed by the collective Organix (who designed Matsuri’s labels), which involved Tsuyoshi DJing for fashion shows in Paris and Tokyo that featured the collection in 1997.

In 2009, Tsuyoshi re-started Matsuri Productions by rebranding as Matsuri Digital, Goa sound to a new generation. He has been producing more collaborative tracks in the last few years.

As Matsuri Digital produces more releases of older tracks and newer productions, Tsuyoshi continues to be in demand as a DJ both at home in Japan and around the world. Over a quarter century after his exposure to electronic music, Tsuyoshi and Matsuri are continuing to evolve and shape the global scene. Also released his compilation “Deck Wizards” and “Japan Calling” on Future Music Records and many others on several labels too.

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