Wicked Wizard


Psy Trance

Bringing you punchy, groovy bass-lines and dark funky twilight sounds. The style creates an atmosphere of hypnosis. Mind & body in sync, heartbeat pumping and feet stompin’ hard. Crispy bass & kick hitting the face. The perfect balance of auditory sensation taking you in a state of trance.

Wicked Wizard is a Psychedelic Trance DJ Project that was first embraced in the 2020 World Pandemic. A chance to get creative and explore a lifetime passion of musical expression in combination with a psychedelic state of mind. Forever a Student and Master at the same time, he has evolved from his decade of lifestyle as an old school Hip-Hop Lyricist, doing jams & cyphers, to a Psy-Trance DJ and already making some interesting waves of psychedelic ocean in the Melbourne scene.

Creating an intellectually engaging d’floor for the people and taking them through a journey of fresh psychedelic sounds ranging between 146-154 bpm.
He has a diversity in the vision of his sound where he can set the scene for the night or elevate the core of it or bring the night into morning. He puts a conscious perspective behind his sets that resonates with psychedelic heads in the crowd, smiles and head nods, he’s sure to shake the dance floor and do justice to it.
Dynamic with the sound selection, Every set curated to tingle the mind and body. Driving the d’ancefloors based on the hour of the day or night bringing in the perspective of light and time with the sound.

Slotted between any two weapons in the scene and he can make sure the sound flows just right from taking over to handing over.

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