DJ martian

DJ Martian

                DJ Martian

Residing in the Far North DJ Martian has been producing and transmitting some of the most insanely abstract psychedelic frequencies for well over 2 decades. In the mid 90’s he helped kickoff the Dance Scene here in Cairns with the Seismic Motion parties. In 2000 he started System 6 Parties in Cairns working with Brisbane based DJ Thief and his System 6 crew. Teaming up with “Clydo” from Oscillating Entertainment, he did many more club and outdoor events such as eScape, Chrysalis, HyperTropic Reaction and Dreamscape. 

      He has teleported around the country playing gigs in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast playing at Enchanted Forest, Tribedelic NYE, Traffic, 3 Dimensions, Abstraction, System 6 and the list goes on……

 He has invaded events in the Far North such as Eclipse, Solstice, Cyberclysim, Dreamscape, Symbiosis, Freakquency,  Aya NYE, The legendary Full Moon Beach Raves, Orinaya festival and many more. 

     With 4 albums under Datavize Systems, DJ Martian is now releasing his tracks via Bandcamp in 2020/21.

       Our friendly alien has supported World famous DJ’s and Acts including Skazi, Infected Mushroom, Derrick May, Dyewitness, Pied Piper, Crystal Method, Pendulum, Mickey Finn, Public Domain, Reactivate, GT, Da Hool, Fatali, Nu Energy Collective, Madam Zu, Bog, Sharky, Paul Glazby, and Captain Tin Rib to name but a few. 

       If you love a DJ who can mix up a Psyclone and turn the dance floor into a Frenzy then the Martian is not to be missed. His sets from the get go are full flight non-stop mad action. He is renown for his Psytrance sets mixed up with his own original storming psychotropic trax and his wicked scratching fx. He also plays Psybreaks, GlitchHop, Hardhouse, Trance and House …Prepare yourself for total sonic abduction as the Martian takes control and transports you to another planet.  The Alien has landed…..