Mr Peculiar

Mr Peculiar

Dustin Bint aka Mr Peculiar, based in Melbourne, Australia has been creating electronic music for over 15 years, playing live and travelling all over Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Europe. He has released 4 albums and over 30 tracks on a multitude of compilations. From as early as 1989, Dustin has been involved in a number of projects producing Hip Hop, Drum and bass and Chill out before evolving into psychedelic trance.

His first release as Mr Peculiar came in early 2001 where his track "Elephantitis" featured on the Koyote records compilation "Blue Tooth". Soon after that he continued to release tracks on various compilations and his debut album "Elements" was released on Tribeadelic records 2002. Since then he has had tracks featured on compilations from Spirit Zone, Tribeadelic, Beats and Pieces, Spectral, Procyon, Fragile Planet, Sphere, Oxygen, Green Ant, Mind-Funk and Liquid Records. Also, in collaboration with the computer animation wizard "The Shapeshifter" he created a fully syncronised DVD entitled "Syncrosect" welding music and animation seamlesly together. Last year his third album "Mind-dala" received rave reviews and he followed up the release with tours of Australia, Japan and Europe.

Playing some of the largest festivals worldwide his sound seems perfectly locked into a magical transition between night and day, bringing in some of the most fantastic sunrize sessions with his atmospheric mind bending rythms.

He has now completed his 4th album "Infinite Evolution"that was released on Sonic Dragon records in january 2007. More recently he has combined forces with "Auricle" aka Minja Thomas in a new project "Hyperception", together they are currently writting their debut album and completed a sucsessfull tour of the globe in 2007.

Mr Peculiar is currently working on new material and is due to release his eargerly anticipated 5th album due out mid 2010 and alsoo is working on a third project "Algorythm" writing euphoric progressive music witha very psychedelic twist.