The X7M Records Rep for Australia, Player One is the DJ Project of Dwayne Banham from Far North Queensland,Australia. This project has been active for close to 15 years & has been relentlessly & consistently rocking floors both nationally & abroad. As this project matures with the experience of many recent performances. Player One has built a solid following and respect for the diversiveness of his craft. Still as enthused as ever, & a sound that evolves with each gig. If you are a true music enthusiast, you will feel right at home on a player one dancefloor. Having played 4 Rainbow Serpents-Earth Freqs, a few Maitreyas - Tribes - Eclipse 2012 - Countless Aussie bush doofs & festivals - Tree Of Life (Turkey2012 / Greece2017) & a few Israeli Tours + an extensive run of upcoming gigs, is one of the most active and boundary pushing underground dj's in the country. Aiming to move forward and expand the experience, with some massive stuff in the pipeline. Is an exciting time for this project.