iLiminal Butoh

iLiminal Butoh Collective

We are an international collective of dancers who have started to explore reality and perception through the bodily language of the Japan-born ANKOKU BUTŌ (or butoh).

We act as wandering storytellers and work to create pieces that speak to a reflection of our times and our inner and outer realities. We draw upon personal and universal feelings, thoughts, sensations, dreams, visions, imaginations to find inspiration for our creations and expressions. Through our work, we hope to meet people beyond the separation of performer and audience and invite our witnesses to journey with us into the realms of themes, patterns, and subconscious exploration.

We examine such themes as diversity and metamorphosis, non-dualism, and ancient wisdom. Our process is an investigation into these topics through which we discover stories and truths that we then use unique combinations of dance, theatre, sound, set, and costume to convey and share with our audience.

We carry a strong belief in the vitality of self-awareness and discovery, of re-finding paths to health, joy, and coexistence through acceptance. We use our art to share this sometimes painful process with others. To offer vulnerability and set an example of what emotional honesty looks like in a day and age where many often spend most of their time behind a mask.

We offer a variety of performances and workshops. Including interactive, experimental, ritualistic dance theatre installations, somatic awareness guidance and training, and non-fixed wandering festival performances.