Refund Request

We appreciate the crazy times we live in right now and understand that sadly customers from NSW, Victoria & ACT are unable to make Orin Aya 2021 due to their current lockdowns and travel restrictions to Queensland.  Rest assured that you are not forgotten and we are going to ensure that you will be sorted out fairly.  

Thank you for your patience for those who experienced border restrictions and are waiting for an Orin Aya 2021 refund. It was a very busy time for us trying to hold an event and process refunds at the same time, we have now finished packing up the festival site and are in the next phase of working through those refunds.

To ensure that only the correct tickets can be refunded and to save potentially months of time processing refunds, there is a new process introduced by our ticketing supplier Triniq. Original purchasers need to log in and click the Request a Refund button on the desired eligible tickets via 

After the refund request button is triggered, you will be processed over next week. Only an original purchaser can do this action and the money will be refunded back on to the card that it was paid from. If you're friend purchased for you then you need to speak to them to carry out this final action.  

For those who complete this process correctly, we are aiming to have those refunds processed before the end of this month.

Note that if your ticket is not valid, scanned at the gate, name changed or sold on tixel then this refund request feature will not be available on your ticket dashboard. Triniq cannot override the decision of a refund but they can assist you with technical assistance via support [at] if you have any technical issues.

If you submitted the refund waiting list form with the option of keeping your ticket for 2022 then no further action is needed there, we will send you a 2022 ticket prior to tickets going on sale. 

Take the final refund request step here