Lov Maté

Lov Maté - Organic Energy Brew

Lov Maté will be brewing you up hot and cold energy drinks!

Support your energy levels naturally. Lov Maté is Crafted to keep you alert and energised without the side effects of coffee. 

Four energising, organic ingredients sourced from ethical and sustainable farms: Raw Cacao, Yerba Maté, Maca Root & Guarana.

Along with caffeine, Yerba Maté contains stimulants theobromine and theophylline. These three alkaloids work together to provide a unique, mild stimulant effect enhancing energy, clarity and overall physical performance.

Choose your plant milk and we will mix you up a warm, noucishing cup of Lov Maté to start your day. Need a afternoon pick me up? an iced Lov Maté will cool you down and give you a nice smooth energy boost to keep you dancing into the night! 

We can't wait to share the Lov Energy with you!