Tobius Raphael Millar

Tobius Millar

Tobius Raphael Millar is a self taught, multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2009 Tobius has been working as a full time artist, focusing primarily on his acrylic and oil paintings, and more recently tattooing. Inspired by an array of sources, Tobius' work reflects his many faceted passions and interests, and incorporates genres such as surrealism, visionary, psychedelic, lowbrow and erotica. His work aims to achieve elegant movement through the still image, creating harmony within chaos while maintaining a balance of simplicity, and creating a state of childlike wonderment for the viewer. Fusing elements of chaos magic and other esoteric knowledge gained through his studies, he aims to create something more than just art. In the near future Tobius aspires to expand beyond the 2-dimensional canvas and start exploring his passion for a variety of other mediums, including sculpture, animatronic puppetry, and large scale installations.