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Stacey mickelborough

Stacey mickelborough

Tantric breathwork for kundalini activation

Experience the connection of conscious breath & emotional states of being physical movement & breath to activate yourself for a transformational experience 

-awaken the heart 

-surrender feAr .. rise in ecstasy 

-unlock your body of rigidity move with love grace ease & sensuality

-unlock the hips 

-align all the bodies 

-reattune the breather to fullest potential

-creates self orgasmic sacred union 

-activates multi-dimensionality at DNA level

-breathe out painful memories, negative Beleifs, from cellular subconscious levels

-rise in joy as the heart breathing activates you with light love joy bliss 

-spiritual self activation heal yourself modality

-go far beyond the mental-psyche planes 

-raises your own kundalini life force energy 

-activate & spiral your masculine & feminine energies thru breath 

-activate your crystal light body 

-repattern as a living light body

-activate your multidimensional consciousness , awareness,vision, bliss & cosmic interplay

-clear toxins out of your system

-eliminate physical symptoms caused by mental or emotional body

-resolve old repressed feelings that vibrate at lower frequencies 

-clear old thought patterns, confusion, stagnant  Beleifs systems, suppression’s & repression’s , deep seated habitual patterns & behaviours

-expand your consciousness awareness to a heightened point to experience out of body state or lucid dreaming 

-heal trauma & pain at the sun atomic memory field level


-create transformational energy to alchemically transform according to the intensity of your breath !!!!!!!

-create peace , crystal clarity, intelligent creativity

-remove implants astral/physic collective energies 

-remove childhood conditioning & past life memories 

-create a spiritually open state to easily connect with super conscious 

-experience soul/spirit multidimensionality

-release contracts karmic /genetic / cultural / planetary/ collective / ancestral / personal / ecological / enviromental / causation / 



I love to hold sacred space as a channel for divine healing and magic.. 

I am a multidimensional & multidisciplinary healer .. 

my professions include a lifetime of learning & professionally practicing & soon to be teaching eastern western & Polynesian massage & bodywork breathwork & energy healing ..

I have learnt & taught many yoga styles including kundalini ..