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We have some exciting news to share with you! As part of our ongoing commitment to the wider festival community and our dedication to providing extraordinary festival experiences, we have decided to make a significant change.

In a testament to the power of collaboration and community, we are thrilled to announce a unique union of two remarkable festivals – Zero db Festival and Orin Aya Festival.

Due to unforeseen challenges in securing a permit at the original location for Orin-Aya Festival, both festival teams have chosen to join forces in the spirit of camaraderie and unity. As a result, we will be hosting a combined celebration on the original Orin Aya dates 1-4 September 2023, at the ZeroDB venue Sugarbag Station – Mt Garnet!

What does this mean for you? You now have the incredible opportunity to experience the magic of both festivals, enjoying a richer tapestry of music, arts, and culture. Together, we aim to create an unparalleled event that captures the essence and charm of both festivals. All bookings of music, arts & lifestyle from both events will be joined into one massive gathering!!! 

While change can be surprising, we are thrilled about the possibilities this partnership presents. Together, we hope to create an expanded, diverse, and unified celebration of music, culture, and community that will be cherished for years to come.

For Zero db Customers, you can either use your ZeroDB ticket to gain access at the Orin Aya gate or alternatively you can request a refund if you cannot make the new event date. If you require a refund, log in to and click settings > request refund for the appropriate ticket before 8pm Sunday 20 August. Refund requests after that date will not be allowed, ticket resale will be switched off but ticket name changes will remain enabled for the full campaign.

For those with both Orin Aya and Zero db tickets then contact to receive a refund of your Orin Aya ticket as good faith to keep your cheaper ZeroDB ticket for entry.

For Orin Aya ticket holders, everything remains the same. There is no date change so therefore no refunds are available, however, name changes & ticket resale will remain active all the way until the end of the event.

For those who do not have a ticket to either event, you can get them officially from this link >

We are incredibly excited about this collaboration, so get ready to embark on an an extraordinary doubled journey of musical wonder and cultural celebration!

Love & Light,
The Teams at Zero db Festival & Orin-Aya Festival

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