Orin Aya – A psychedelic global gathering to celebrate together and release the joy within each of us.

Raising awareness of who we all are and how we can live together in harmony
The music unites us and the beat so strong, that it will send love into our collective consciousness.

The tribe is being called.
As composers of our magical symphony, let’s join together in a contemporary ritual.

The time has come. That time is now… Have no fear, mama Aya is here.

Orin Aya is ever growing.
This, our sixth year will offer what we hope will be a life changing experience.  Away from our daily life away from all that is “normal” we will be free for 3 days and nights to dance and sing and love one another…. to learn, play, listen, support, create, participate and evolve. 

We are reinventing ourselves, and are ready to present Orin Aya 2022.
The main dance floor is a temple which reconnects us one to another and to the divine within in all of us.  This year’s theme hopes to bring us all closer to the divine.

Home rule is a very special place, and we are honoured that Orin Aya can happen on this sacred ground, and grateful to the Cook Shire Council for believing in us. We respect the land and the traditions of a people who came long before us. With awareness of our impacts on the land we are stronger than ever in our quest to be environmentally sustainable.  Our very existence is dependent upon it.

A 30-minute walk to the beautiful Home Rule Falls, and a 30-minute drive from Cooktown mean you will be camping in one of the most beautiful ancient Rainforests in the world.

Great vibes, great food, great music, great location.

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