There is a place that lies within. A place of great familiarity. A place, where time is but a metronome, and we, the notes that dance so gracefully through empty space. A space that is ours for the making. If you listen, oh so carefully, you can hear of what I speak.  You can hear the steady beat that outlines our existence, the beat that births our expression, the beat of the heart that lies within us all.  Our song of existence has reached it’s climax. As composers of this magical symphony, we must allow the steady beat of the heart to be heard once more.

The time has come. That time is now.

We invite you to come and celebrate yourself, and together we may beat so loud, that our echo, may amplify it’s love into our collective consciousness. The tribe is being called.  Gift us with your love, and indulge your being in 4 days of ceremonies, art, music, performances, workshops and healing.

We endeavour to provide a sanctuary for our hearts, and within this sacred space encourage our powers to reconnect. Sending tidal waves of love, healing and awakening to every living thing upon our blessed earth.  Brothers and sisters, your every essence is welcome here. Join us in remembering the knowledge of this land, the knowledge of ourselves, and the knowledge of our hearts.  We are forever held in love, let us remember that it is so. Let us dance, let us sing, let us play, let us love. We await your beauty in anticipation.

Have no fear, mama Aya is here.