We all deserve a break from the seemingly never-ending routine of life, by giving ourselves time to just be.

It is in this sacred space that we may endeavour to achieve just this.

It isn’t just the music which sends out healing vibrations but the people as well.

The energy created at Orin-Aya is extremely powerful and your presence is crucial in order to maximise the frequency of energy we aim to create.

In order to honour our dreams for this event, and grandfather fire himself, there will be a sacred fire that will guide us all through this journey from the beginning to end.

We aim to create a space at Orin-Aya where you may have access to any and all elements and tools that will facilitate your personal expression in its deepest and truest form.

There will be workshops, arts, talks, activities and demonstrations.

We encourage you to involve yourself, and please feel welcome to demonstrate any skills you may have to share.

Helping re-spread the wisdom and gifts of creative expression.

Talents are gifted to share, so please don’t feel shy, the community needs all of you, whatever your call may be, your gifts will be received with much gratitude.

Workshop Applications for Orin Aya 2023 are currently open.

We invite you to apply to be part of this 7th year celebration.

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