Festival Theme

The Theme of Orin Aya 2023


Every year at Orin Aya, we create sacred installations to hold space under our dancefloors, as beacons and keys of light representing an element of mysticism. 

Our last activation was the 231 gate Mandala that has been opened by the activation of the tree of life concept from the 2021 edition . It is often depicted as a tree with branches extending upward and roots extending downward, representing the connection between heaven and earth, or between the divine and the earthly realms.The Tree of Life symbolizes the interconnectedness of all living things and is associated with themes of growth, renewal, and spiritual evolution. 

Our Focus this year is on the angelic figure of Metatron considered one of the most powerful angels with many remarkable abilities attributed to him. Metatron is believed to be a symbol of divine knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. Some traditions hold that Metatron guards the secrets of the Tree of Life and is able to reveal them to those who are worthy of receiving them.

He is said to have the ability to transport people between the earthly and heavenly realms, and is often invoked for protection during dangerous journeys or spiritual quests.

In this way we invoke the name of Metatron to guide us on our journey to and through Orin Aya 2023. We are working on creating a memorable experience, with an everlasting impact; opening all the channels of light to envelop our senses and create new stories of change. And follow Metatron’s mission to create a new universe. 

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