Festival Info

Lovers, Dreamers and co creators of this earth, Orin Aya is calling you once more to come together and celebrate the human experience on 1-4 September 2023 at Sugarbag Station, Mt Garnet, Far North Queensland.

Since It’s inception, Orin Aya Festival has seen thousands of like hearted people from all over the globe flock to the Northern Lands of Queensland to experience the beauty of the festival and its offerings.

A space created for the pure enjoyment of the present moment, and the force of love that guides it’s programs.

Our mission is to tap into a greater consciousness and bring people together in union and celebration.

Orin Aya is more then just a festival, its a dance to be performed annually for the healing of the Earth. It is a call to bring people of all origins and creeds together as brothers and sisters to extinguish the darkness and bring about the light and transformational healing.

With workshop spaces, sustainable decor, food and market stalls, a visionary art gallery and 2 stages boasting psychedelic and live music. Orin Aya 2023 is proud to welcome you home.

Now come and dance the night away, for we are the music makers, and we are meant to play.

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