As dreamers, lovers and players upon this earth, we have found no better way to access these embodiments than through the collective gathering of like-hearted beings.

Brought together in a space of divinity and love for the sole purpose of celebration. 

It is here, that we believe true healing can occur.

By creating a space where we are free to remember the joy of this moment, and the eternal love that surrounds us always, we aim to tap into something greater than ourselves as individuals, reaching for connection to each other and this sacred earth.

By fusing the representation of an entity of light with that of our dear medicine mother, (Orin-Aya) we aim to call in an experience of profound transformation. 


Orin-Aya is a dance, yet to be performed for the healing of the earth. 

Calling together all races, creeds and all tribe brothers and sisters to release the darkness that has sat so heavily upon our beings, and rejoice together once more in the eternal bliss of love. 

Allow the music to reach your veins and feel the heartbeat calling you to dance, dance with us all into the highest frequency of joy that we can manifest. 

This is how we can heal, this is where we will heal. Welcome home, you are guided, protected and forever loved. 

Now come and dance the night away, for we are the music makers, and we are meant to play.