Downtempo, Psy Trance, World

Aya is Rafael Asulin, He started his musical journey 20 years ago in his homeland of Israel. There was where he first fell in love with the trance music scene and started to produce and play music.

In 2007 he made an enormous move to Australia with a group of friends and started his mission to start his own festival here in his new home. The first festival was held in Victoria from then on, he has been playing and sharing his music vision.

In 2012 just before eclipse festival, He started to take steps towards his dream Orin Aya festival to be held in far north Queensland

over the next few years he played in festivals like Earth frequency, Dragon dreaming, Bush week, Happy daze, Collaborations, Earth frequency and many more practicing and working on fulfilling his dream of bringing the people together.

Now the dream became a reality and his hard effort has gone to no waste with his amazing festival Orin Aya in Far north Queensland and his music will take you on an unforgettable journey with a mixture of an influence of ancient and modern sound healing.

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