Dark Soho


Psy Trance

All Started at 1998 …

One Of the Legendary Ever Psytrance/Rock/Metal/Industrial band

Has been Established Under the Name Made Out of 2 words Dark Soho.

Omer kadosh a.k.a Rizo,Sagiv Boxer,and Zeev Diukman

Has established this Unique Outstanding Project

evolving powerful rock elements heavy distorted guitars and

Scary Beats.

Rizo and Boxer Used to work Under the Name Soho Then While visiting erez eizen studio

From the well known project of trance Till now days:Infected Mushroom

They Met Zeev Which used to work under the name Dark Entity

Then they joined forces and Started work under the name:Dark Soho

Things went up quite quick, and after 1 year working together as dark soho

they Found the Path to Break Thru the trance scene releasing classical Unforgatble Tracks

those are the tracks that actually Designed the path to what is known as Dark Psytrance

Because of is Atmospheric Powerful Beats and Raw Power Energy

The first track as Dark Soho was Named: The Fusion, It can be Described as one hell of a Track

the track was released on -shiva Dance Technology- at 1999 which was Run by Dj Shiva jorg at the time

then Dark soho started to write the First album which was a Legendary sucesful album which designed

the dark soho sound,direction and character

Dark Soho has Released 3 albums :

2000 Dark Soho-Sun Spot(BNE Rec.)

This Album Include one of the Biggest Master Piece of Psy Trance:Depths Of Emotions

the name has spoke for it self;)

After This Track Has Been Played in Any Festival of Psytrance in the world And by any dj

Things started to Pump up …..

while Being in their early 20’s ,dark soho has Started Touring the world

Playing gigs in Any possible Country and Continent

2002-dark soho-combustion.(alchemy rec.)

This Album can be Described as the next level of the project

Including Tracks such as :Save Me God

Including The Crazy Vocal Into It Which was big Hit at the time

The Track ”Combustion” As The Album Name, Almost An Heavy Metal Track In a way

Combining 3/4(3 quarters) Beats could Easily make you doing The ”Head Banging”;))

After Those Albums DarkSoho Decided To Move to London and Focus on Music.

At The Time They Were Signed With Alchemy Rec.

While Based In the Uk Doing Some unforgatale Sold Out Concerts at London Best Venues

The Last Album That Was Released By The Dark Soho Was In 2004

Dark Soho-Light In The Dark(2004)

Here They Took The Chance Of Trying New Things And Did The Amazing Work Togehter With The

World most Famous Female Sitar Player:Anoushka Shankar

(Daugther Of the Legendary R.I.P…… Best Ever Sitar Player The One And Only Ravi shankar)

in the track named :Long Way Home

This Was a Mix Between Rock Metal Trance and Indian Music That Made People Go Crazy While Played.

At 2005 zeev Left The Uk Back To Israel.

Boxer and Rizo Continued Working on the Project for 2 More Years Before Ending Up Working Togeheter.

At 2006 Each One Decided To Be Focused on His Personal Life.

Due to the Big Demand To Bring Back That Raw Massive Sound Back To Life Again….

2012 Rizo has moved to live in sweden ,focusing on few projects at once.

2014 rizo has started to tour and Bring Dark Soho
back on track,

2016 a new Ep will come out plus other relaeses on V.A


Hopefully Very soon,New Music Is Expected To Come Out Again;)

stay tuned…..

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