Psy Trance

omer kadosh a.k.a rizo was born ih haifa city in israel on may 1979

he has been into the electronic scence music for over 15 years .

when he was 13 he started playing guitar and been a member of few rock/heavy metal band’s in israel.

when he turn 17 he discovered the electronic music ,got inspired by it ,and since than keep producing it.

around the years of 1997-1998 rizo joined other 2 members(zeev diukman,sagiv boxer),

and established one of the unique and most powerfull psytrance band’s named :DarkSoho.

been releasing 3 albums under the name dark soho and travelling the world since early age being ,playing all over

the world. ( south america , central america , europe ,japan , asia australia and many more places…

around 2002 rizo moved to london being there around 4 years being busy making music and also producing with other

big names such as :

anoushka shankar (daugther of ravi shankar the legendary indian sitar player in the world)

after producing 3 albums, rizo went for a visit in israel,while this time what has started as an

experience working on the –Krunch–project , has leaded to a few dance floor smashing hit’s.

becasue of this rizo went back to israel around 2006 to work on krunch album”Booster’

which was released on 2008(hommega rec.)

the album was ranked 5 starts at the dj magazine,and was played by all big names in the scene.

after the album release rizo has started playing all over the globe again,

playing along names like:infeeted mushroom,astrix,moby,underworld,….

after the album krunch kept making more tracks between them 2 mega remixe’s for well known artist’s such as

astrix(the winning ”sex style” remix)which was include on astrix album one step ahaead,

also a remix for one of the well known project–The Delta-
krunch made the remix for the track -traveling at the speed of thoughts ,

which was a renew for one of the most classical psy trance track ever.

2010 Krunch released another Ep named:”crunch,, released on(hommega rec.) in 2010

july 2012 the well appreciated EP of Krunch -Love Hz was released
including 4 monster tracks.

january 2013 moved to sweden focusing producing electronic music from all kinds

2014 was a busy year of touring and music production,release on the biggest labels,and focusing on collobrations as well.

2015 is ahead of us with many suprises to come:)

tune in.turn on,drop out;)

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