Lux Aurum



• Mesmerised by atmospheric soundscapes and intricate sound design Lux Aurum dives into the realms of dark pulsating techno & light ethereal electronic, cultivating a journey of elation and deep intensity..

• Melbourne based artist LUX AURUM debuted her first club gig at one of the city’s finest dance venues MyAeon in late 2021. following a successful year of playing in the country’s most respected club establishments including – Revolvers, New Guernica & Sydney Myer music bowl. lux made her first festival debut at Earth Frequency Festival 2022 and Esoteric festival in 2023

• In the realms of production Lux Aurum has released on a VA compilation ‘Journey to Nibiru’ on South African label Dense Nebula Records and will soon be releasing on Synaesthetics records.

• Raw, hypnotic and unapologetically full power Lux will bring an electrifying atmosphere to any dancefloor with her dynamic sets..

•Lux Aurum represents ‘magnum opus’.

•In Latin, lux is light
& aurum is gold.
Within alchemy – transmutation of lead into gold.

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